Dr Ali Nagem


Consultant in International Public Health


Dr Ali Nagem (Swedish / Palestinian )

Consultant / Health Project Director/ Director in International Public Health

Ali Nagem is Swedish Public Health Consultant for more than 24 years, worked as Director of Swedish Public Health Projects. Has significant exposure as an educator, planner and consultant in Public Health Management and Promotion.

Ali Nagem worked also as Deputy Director of the Public Health Department in Palestine, have organized various seminars to educate the health executive teams to be able to communicate with people concerning their concerning health matters.

His credentials include PhD in Public Health, International Master in International Public Health (Sweden) and Swedish Dental Board, Master Program in Odontology, License as Educator from Stanford University and many various courses in Public Health field. Speaks four languages; Swedish, Arabic , French and English .

Enclosed herewith, you may find my resume, highlighting further on my skills, accomplishments and credentials including me being a presenter of Health Education Programs on MBC TV ,Noor Dubai, Balsam TV, Presenter of Articles on Dental Health in Al Bayan Newspapers, Al SEHA we Al Jamal Magazine and WHO Magazine. I also spearhead the European Project in Sweden.